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Reopening Immaculate Conception Parish

New Regulations

First Phase


Dear Parishioners,


May the Lord continue blessing you and your families. It has been a rough time for all of us since we needed to close the temple for public Masses and,  in reopening it, there will be new guidelines that perhaps  will affect  us in the way we were used to experiencing the Church, but first of all we need to have in mind that everything we are doing in the Diocese and Parish levels are for the well-being of all of us, and our families, especially those more vulnerable.

There are three main things that we need to have in mind before we come to the Church:

  • Sunday Mass obligation is suspended for everyone living or visiting the Diocese of Tucson until further notice.
  • Those in the vulnerable classification, (age 65 + or with a chronic health condition) are strongly urged to remain at home and not come in parish property.
  • You must be aware of certain inherent risks despite age or health in attending any public event, which you must accept them in choosing to return to church.


All the Masses will be live streamed through and our Facebook page @ Immaculate Conception Catholic Parish.


Once knowing this, listed below are the new regulations. Note: as we are implementing, more regulation can come or change according to their functionality.


Our Facilities:

  1. We have cleansed and disinfected our church currently and we are going to maintain the church and keeping bathrooms clean and disinfected for their use.


  • Pews and bathrooms will be disinfected between Masses with a solution of Clorox and Water.
  • Pews and church will be washed during the weekdays when the church is closed.


  1. The church will hold only 25% of the regular capacity due to regulation for social distancing. For every Mass we are going to admit only 130 people. Once we are to the full capacity, we are going to ask that you attend the next scheduled Mass.
  2. There will be only two entrances to our church, the one in the south parking lot, and the one through the Blessed Sacrament Chapel in the north parking lot. For organization purposes those doors in the front and in the back of the church are not to be used. Please help us to keep order.
  3. Pews not in use are going to be marked for no seating, so you will know best where to sit. Ushers will be available to help you assign your seating. Please respect and listen to them. For the best use of the space, we are encouraging every household to sit together.
  4. Pay attention to all the posted signs that you will find in and out of the church.
  5. Be aware that there will be no holy water font, no Mass or hymn books or any other item in the pews.
  6. Church’s doors will be open before Mass and after Mass, so you do not have to touch them. Please plan to arrive NO SOONER than 15 minutes prior to Mass.
  7. The Chapel will be roped off over the first phase, and all gatherings will be in the main church.




  1. Those vulnerable people (65 years old and older or those of any age with serious underlying medical conditions) must continue to shelter in place.
  2. Those who are feeling ill in any way, are urged, in the strongest sense, to remain at home and not come onto parish property.
  3. All people coming into the church are required to wear a face mask.
  4. In walking from the parking lot to the church, in entering the church, while you are in the church and in leaving it, you always must practice social distancing (six feet of space).


Liturgical Celebrations:

  1. During the first Phase, we are celebrating public Masses only for the weekend (Sunday Masses). Due to the limited number of people that the church can hold, Sunday Masses will be celebrated from Friday through Monday, so we will have a new schedule. Daily Masses will continue from Monday through Saturday, 7:00 am in Spanish and 8:00 am in English, only by live stream with no public attendance.
  2. Be mindful of those who, like you, want to attend Mass, so please plan to attend only one Mass to afford the opportunity for all to attend. Please, do not come to two or more Masses.
  3. Collection will be taken as previously by the users, please drop your donation without touching the basket.
  4. The setting at the end of Mass will be different; After the Priest and those in the Sanctuary receive Communion, the Act of Spiritual Communion will be read for those in their houses, following by the Prayer After Communion and the Final Blessing. Then, the distribution of Communion to the congregation will begin. Holy Communion will be distributed only in the hand, and then after you receive communion, you will walk to the door leaving the Church in silence and reverence.
  5. Please, do not stay nor gather with other people outside the church, keeping your distance and allowing others to do the same.
  6. Adoration on Mondays, due to Mass Schedules changing, will now be on Thursdays after the 8:00 AM Mass to Noon, only live streaming.











Phase 1 New Mass Schedule (Temporary and subject to change according to our needs)


              Weekend Masses (All these Masses count as Sunday Masses)


                             Friday      4PM English

                                             7PM Spanish


                             Saturday 11 AM Spanish (Solely for 65 Years and Older Healthy People)

                                              5:30 PM English

                             Confessions from 4-5 PM will still be in the parking lot and conducted in your vehicles.



                               7:00 AM English  

                             10:00 AM Spanish

                               1:00 PM Spanish

                               4:00 PM English

                               7:00 PM Spanish



                               9:00 AM English

                             12:00 Noon Spanish


Please select the best time for you and your family to attend Mass and please remember that these weekend Masses are collectively meeting the needs for our Sunday Celebration. Let us please be flexible with our response to this pandemic situation.


Communion for those in Shelter in Place

Communion distribution for those who decide to shelter in place, and once they have watched any Social Media Mass, may arrive a half hour after the end of each OUR MASSES, as listed above, understanding that each Mass last an hour.  To allow those who publicly attend our Masses to leave the parking lot, we ask that you arrive no earlier than 5 minutes prior to that half hour.


When arriving for communion, you need to enter through the furthest southern part of the parking lot (the one next to Sunset Clinic) and drive in line, circling behind the Church. Priests, Deacons and/or Eucharistic Ministers will be at the road between the Priests’ parking and the Sacristy. Those and only those, who are receiving communion, should get out from the car, receive Jesus and leave. Please, no blessings or visiting at this time.


Please check our website and Facebook for continuing information.


Many Blessings,



Fr. Manuel Fragoso Carranza