Dear Cursillista and beloved Catholic community,
Your Cursillista family invites you to continue your fourth-day walk. Open the door that Jesus' is knocking at and join us in grouping, school of leadership, and ultreyas. Join us in prayer and palanca as we prepare for 2018 Yuma English cursillos May 3-6, 2018 for the men and May 17-20, 2018 for the women.

Come answer the calling to live your Cursillo. Jesus is counting on you!

Spiritual Quotes about Cursillo from Clergy and Spiritual Leaders


De Colores,

On the threshold of selecting your secretariat member(s), as your Spiritual Advisor, I would like for all of us to read the instructive words from the National Mailing dated October 2007. From that mailing, I ex-tracted two paragraphs that are of particular interest to this secretariat. Reflecting on this document and these two paragraphs, I encourage you to take the self-examination, then - armed with the knowledge of self - correct and adjust the self as you go forth to nominate others. May God protect the Cursillo move-ment from errors.

Deacon Thai Tran


Yuma- Save the Date: The annual Yuma Cursillo Golf Tournament will be held
April 21, 2018 at 8:00am. More info Call/Text Mike at (928)246-6906 or email at , Nivas at (928)210-5477 and Penny (928)581-2204

Ultreya- Make a friend, bring a friend for fun, prayer and authentic food for the soul…the cursillo way!

Yuma/ La Paz Vicariate- 2nd Wednesday of the month, 7-8:30pm. Normally at St. Francis Church. Saturday Ultreyas are held quarterly, 11am-1pm at St. Francis church, 1815 S. 8th Ave Yuma, AZ.
More to come from

Grouping- be a friend; 4th day action of sharing with Cursillistas piety, study and action. The fellowship Pillar that helps build and sustain the spirit! Ask at for a group near you.

School of Leaders- Holy Spirit action. Join us and serve our ministry, strengthen the family and build our community. Continue to live your 4th day by participating, renewing, strengthening your Cursillo weekend experience and evangelize it with others!

Yuma Area SOL- 3rd and 4th Wednesdays (the 2d Wednesday is Ultreya) of each month. Normally at St. Francis school class room 7, 7-8: 30 pm.
Cursillo Camp the 1st Wednesday of each month that concentrates on the spiritual needs of the new cursillista and any cursillista who needs that added weekly spark of the cursillo family. We gather at St Francis School Room 7 to reinforce our 4th day!

Tucson SOL- every 1st and 3rd Monday from 6:00pm – 8:00pm at St. Margaret’s, 801 N. Grande Ave, Tucson, Az 85745. For more information contact Rogene Small (520) 238-1869 or send email to

Casa Grande SOL- every Tuesday 6:30-8:30 pm St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church Community Center, 201 N Picacho Street, Casa Grande, AZ. For more info call Ron Rodriguez (520) 483-9070 or send email to

Cochise County SOL- every Tuesday (except 1st Tuesday of month -week of Ultreya) from 6:00pm – 8:00pm at Our Lady of the Mountain, 1425 E. Yaqui Street, Sierra Vista, AZ 85650. For more information call Yvonne Moreno (520) 249-3291 or email to
• Also include in your responses to the individual chairs.

CURSILLO 3 DAY- Encounters with self, Jesus and each other as we live the Gospel spirit and grow our piety, study and action in our environments. This is a great opportunity to live and develop a deeper understanding of being fully catholic in exercising our Christian mission as baptized children of God!
The scheduled dates for the 2018 Yuma English cursillos are
May 3-6, 2018 for the men and May 17-20, 2018 for the women. Here is a list of pre cursillo meetings that are to be held in the near future. It's important for interested candidates to attend one of the meetings prior to living a cursillo. Please share the dates with potential candidates. If you have any questions, please contact Albert Hernandez at 928 502-1501 or by email at

1/18/18 7:30-8:30 pm IC Parish School Room 5

2/15/18 7:00-8:00 pm St. Francis Parish School Room 8

3/15/18 7:30-8:30 pm IC Parish School Room 5

4/12/18 7:00-8:00 pm St. Francis Parish School Room 8 


Please contact for corrections or additions to “your Tucson Diocese Cursillo ” webpage.

Yuma- We are back to St Francis in serving our Lord at SOL and Ultreyas

*Palanca, Palanca, Palanca. Leveraging faith, hope and love in prayer and sacrifice. Offer masses, fasting, chapel visits, rosaries to candidates, to service teams and the World Wide community.
Please track your palanca numbers! God is Good!
Remember to keep the palancas rolling in Keep our community and all Cursillo candidates and teams in your prayers. Remember we are one “Diocese of Tucson” team and remain “ One Cursillo Strong” with unified Palanca! De Colores! and E-Mail palancas can be sent through the national Cursillo website at http://www.natl-

In addition, the compliancy form is attached to facilitate early approvals for working SOL and Cursillo events. Forms should be filled in, in accord with your parish Compliancy officers. Be aware that compliancy programs are subject to individual parish policy and may differ from parish to parish. Contact your parish for compliancy forms and policy.

Yuma Secretariat is accepting your call for the 3- day, and Post chairperson. if anyone is interested in serving our community please contact me at or the English cursillo Lay director.
Tucson Secretariat is selecting for the Treasure and chairs. If anyone is interested in serving our community please email Nivas Beltran, Lay Director at
*YAC secretariat chairs meeting. Rotational locations, 4:30PM to 6PM, Yuma County Library. The next YAC meeting is TBD, 0430 pm- 0630 pm, at the Main Library!

The National Cursillo leadership has announced that Amazon has added the cursillo ministry to their list of 501C charitable organizations. This means that if you register the cursillo ministry as your preferred charity, a portion or percentage of your purchase goes to cursillo!
Please continue to pray for the all Cursillistas who are well into their 4th day and for the outstanding efforts of the team and sponsors for continued success of our community. I offer the following, St Augustine, prayer to cursillos both past and future. It found me the day after the men’s 2016 cursillo and reminded me of the challenges and victories of balancing formation/cursillo/personal life and the results of experiencing the face of Christ in the faces of candidates and the hard-working teams!
“Look on us lord, and let all the darkness of our souls disappear before the beams of your brightness. Fill us with your holy love, and open to us the treasures of your wisdom. We seek your face, turn your face to us and show us your glory. Then our longing will be satisfied and our peace will be complete.”

The 4th day- All days following the 3-day retreat to live the Cursillo method of the TRIPOD!
The Fourth Day “Living the dream” - this is the Cursillistas living in Christ following the 3 day Cursillo retreat. This space is reserved for the entire Diocese Cursillo community to share your “Living the dream” experience, where has cursillo led you! Send “DREAMS” to

Did You Know? In 1944, the Group reunion and the Cursillo already existed, but it wasn’t until 1949 that the Ultreya was born. The Ultreya was a natural development from groups of cursillistas meeting together to give encouragement in the joy of being united in the same pilgrimage. By 1951 it had become part of the movement. Soon after, the School of Professors was established, now known as the “School of Leaders”.

Your Cursillo Secretariat, Diocese of Tucson and links

With the blessings of THE MOST REVEREND BISHOP KICANAS, the laity represent the 7 functional Chairs of the Cursillo Secretariat and our Spiritual Directors through the groaning’s of the HOLY SPIRIT. Learn more of what the elected body of servants do for the community. Call to reserve a seat in one of our monthly meetings..
Lay Director Chair -Nivas Beltran,
Diocese Cursillo Spiritual Advisor - Deacon Tran (Tucson),
Local area Spiritual advisor - Deacon Rick Douglas (Yuma), Deacon Pat Abiles (Casa Grande/Eloy)
Secretary Chair- Penny Doten (Yuma), Sandra Bernal (Tucson)
Post Chair - Vacant (Yuma), Ed Lopez (Tucson)
Pre- Cursillo chair- Alberto Hernandezs, Yuma/ Nancy Rambaran, Tucson
3 Day Chair – Alt. Ray Urias (Yuma)/ Alex Mejia (Tucson)
School of Leaders Chair- Yvonne Moreno (Tucson), Irene Montoya (Yuma)
Treasurer Chair- Tucson chair Olivia Lopez, Mike Castañeda (Yuma)
Diocese of Tucson English Cursillo consolidated contact info: cell 928.246.6906,